M. Scott Mahaskey is a contributing photographer for Politico Magazine and currently employed full-time as a photojournalist and editor at Politico’s world headquarters based in Arlington, Virginia. Mahaskey’s career highlights include more than twelve months work as an embedded journalist covering the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Beginning his career in Southern Iowa, Mahaskey has now covered everything from county fairs to national political conventions, small town football to professional baseball along with numerous international assignments to India, UAE, Japan and elsewhere across the globe. National publication credits include People Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Sports Illustrated, and scores of daily newspapers worldwide.

Broadcast credits for still images include CNN, Fox News, NBC Nightly News, ABC’s Nightline and a recent PBS Frontline piece that documented President Trump’s rise to power. Mahaskey’s video work has been used by CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes, Discovery Channel and others.

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Email: photo@mahaskey.com